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Truth & Clarity (Jo Harvelle/Kathleen Hudak)

Title: Truth & Clarity
Author: lazy_daze
Artist 1: mementis
Artist 2: tequilafish7
Genre: SPN FPS femslash
Pairings/Characters: Jo Harvelle/Kathleen Hudak
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~46,000
Warnings/Spoilers: Mild D/s dynamic, a smidge of mommy!kink. Set in s2 between "No Exit" and "Born Under A Bad Sign".
Escaping from her mother's stifling concern, Jo's on the road, hunting by herself, when she meets Kathleen Hudak, a sheriff in a small town in Minnesota that's crawling with EMF.

Rudely introduced to the supernatural world by a ghost from her past, Kathleen ends up working with Jo to put the disturbed spirits at rest, and takes off after Jo to join her on the road, hunting evil and learning the ropes. Jo wonders if she should be replacing one authoritative older woman with another - but Kathleen is different, and fascinating.

Their bond changes into something unexpected and more than a little scary for Jo, but it becomes worth it - until a hunt goes south, and they both have to examine just what they have and what they mean to each other.

Link to fic:
Link to art: mementis:
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