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Honey and the Hive Queen (Jo/Madison)

Title: Honey and the Hive Queen
Author: bree_black
Artist 1: lookturtles
Artist 2: tringic
Genre: SPN, Femslash, Romance, Action
Pairings/Characters: Jo/Madison
Rating: PG-13/ Light R
Word count: 15k
Warnings/Spoilers: Very slight background implied Dean/Cas
Summary: It ends with Sam Winchester putting a bullet through her heart – or, that’s how it’s supposed to end. As it turns out, death is only the beginning for Madison Owens, and heaven is nothing like she expected. Somehow, she finds herself recruited into a band of rebels – a dead psychic, a dead FBI agent, a dead salesman, and two dead dorks, all working to take down heaven from the inside. But the most bewildering part of all is Jo Harvelle, their beautiful – and only slightly scary – leader. So much for eternal rest – between the fight against the angels and her new feelings for Jo, Madison has never felt more awake.

Link to fic: Honey and the Hive Queen
Link to Art 1: Fanmix
Link to Art 2: Illustrations
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