Sparrow S. Hellcat (sparrowshellcat) wrote in spnfemmeslashbb,
Sparrow S. Hellcat

All Things Golden and Green (Jo/Jess, Jo/Ruby)

Title: All Things Golden and Green
Author: sparrowshellcat
Artist: karahalliwell
Genre: Femmeslash, Romance, Drama
Pairings/Characters: Jo/Jess, Jo/Ruby, Jo/Meg (implied), Bela/Lily, Jake/Ava
Rating: R
Word count: 35,060
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers up to the end of fifth season, Violence, Sexual content, character death.
Summary: When Jo Harvelle wakes up in the hospital, she discovers she can't quite remember who she is or why she's there. Slowly, she starts to feel more like herself, but she also starts to fall more and more in love with her personal nurse, Jess. But just when her life seems to be going on a definite upswing, she starts to remember disturbing things that she shouldn't remember.

Jo's now swiftly blossoming relationship with Jess is complicated further by her girlfriend's pregnancy, the bizarre memories of killing demons and fighting with a brother she's fairly sure she doesn't have, and the fact that she seems helpless to fight her desire for the demon Ruby - and her blood.

Link to fic: All Things Golden and Green
Link to art: Art by Karahalliwell
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