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memories of my melancholy whores

Title: memories of my melancholy whores
Author: kalliel
Artist: _afterism
Genre: femmeslash, character study, horror, psychological, angst
Pairings/Characters: mostly Meg/Lisa, Meg/Bela, Meg/Jo (peripherally, Meg/Jess, Meg/Dean, Meg/Sam, Meg/Amanda Walker (1x04), Meg/OFC, Dean/Lisa)
Rating: R
Word count:
Warnings/Spoilers: violence, noncon/dubcon
Summary: She can feel the callus forming on her thumb, from the rough hilt of the (her?) blade, if she tries hard enough. And sometimes she does--try, that is. It's like pressing a bruise. It's like pounding against a bruise until you split open and you start falling out of your own skin.

Like your bruise is your entire world; you see in shades of black and purple and sometimes plum-red. You are a millimeter from the walls in any direction. And you're pressing at that bruise; the small coin-shaped one at your elbow, waiting for it to blossom before you, so you can feel something--anything--at all. More often than not, what you feel is cooling blood, sticky between your fingers.

On possession and being possessed: How to love your body (or someone else's). How to survive an encounter with a demon (or a human). And how to survive the Winchesters, no matter who you are.

Link to fic: Here
Link to art: Here
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