Havoc (havocthecat) wrote in spnfemmeslashbb,

Ebook Versions of 2011 Stories

With the mods' permission, I am posting links to ebook versions of the 2011 stories written for the community. I have a Kindle, and had copy/pasted the LJ posts into one giant Word file per story, then converted those to non-DRM mobi files for my own purposes. After that, it was easy enough to convert all the stories to multiple ebook formats.

These links are to rar files with all the formats. If you'd like a link to an individual file (mobi, pdb, epub, lit, doc, or rtf), please let me know and I can provide it.

All Things Golden & Green
And Sing of Sweet Surrender
But It Never Gets Dull
Honey and the Hive Queen
memories of my melancholy whores
pink, satin, and pearl
Truth & Clarity

After you've read them, please come back to the community, check out the amazing collaborative fanworks, and leave feedback for the creators! (I actually haven't finished reading them yet. But they've all been amazing stories so far.)
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