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spnfemmeslashbb's Journal

Supernatural Femmeslash Big Bang
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Welcome to the Supernatural and Supernatural RPF Femmeslash Big Bang!

This community was inspired by spn_j2_bigbang, as well as its offshoots. Many of you will already be familiar with big bangs; for the newbies, feel free to check out the rules and FAQ.

Round One Schedule:
August 16th, 2010 - Writer and artist signups open
December 1st, 2010 - Writer rough drafts due; artist signups close
December 4th, 2010 - Artist claiming
December 11th, 2010 - Posting schedule organised
February 7th, 2011 - Art rough drafts due
February 14th, 2011 - Posting beings!!!

Your mods for this challenge are kiwiana and eatwe. If you have any questions or concerns, you can PM either of us or email spnfemmeslashbb@gmail.com.

spnslashbigbang | tvd_bigbang
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